What We Do (and Don't Do)


Information Form
After you make the initial contact, we'll send you an Information form (or you can fill out this form online).  That gets the ball rolling.  This form should be completed when you have decided to begin the formal pursuit of Registration.  The form provides the necessary information to allow for the development of a detailed proposal for the registration process. 

From there, we'll prepare a no-obligation quote and you'll have the chance to review and approve it, from which will come a contract between your company and VERTEX. Normally, we'll state all fees required during the three-year registration period, including periodic surveillance audits.  Your signature on the contract initiates the services agreed upon.  Now the real work starts.

Document Review
Your quality system documentation (most likely is in the form of a Quality System Manual and associated procedures) must be reviewed for adequacy in preparation for the audit procedures.

Pre-Assessment Audit (Optional)
Pre-assessment audits are available to help familiarize your personnel with the audit procedures and to provide an indication of your current status in relation to ISO 9000 (or similar) requirements.  All non-conformances and observances are reported verbally on site to the company management followed by a written report.  A pre-assessment audit encompasses only a sampling of the requirements but it is directed toward the processes which have been deemed critical to your success.

Registration (Initial) Audit
Registration Audits are conducted to evaluate your conformance to all requirements of the chosen ISO 9000 (or related) standard.  Registration assessment is carried out in two stages: the Document Review and the On-Site Assessment (Audit).  We review your submitted, documented system.  Should we find any discrepancies, we will provide a formal report to you in writing detailing the findings that require corrective action prior to the On-Site Assessment.  This assessment takes place on your premises and, if necessary, at remote site locations.  We'll report observations and findings verbally during the assessment and written notes on findings and non-conformances at the closing meeting.  We will provide a formal report within 30 days of the registration audit.  We will also make known to you the recommendation of the Lead Auditor.

Corrective Action Requests
Non-compliances within your system are subject to Corrective Action Requests (CARs).  You will be made aware of these through out the assessment and during the closing meeting and again in the formal report.  You will then have a limited amount of time to correct the cause of the non-compliance but this time will not exceed 90 days.  Your failure to resolve CARs will result in a delay of the registration process.

Registration (Certification)
Upon successful completion of the Registration Audit, you will receive Registration.  Registration consists of (1) being added to the published list of firms with Registered Quality Systems and (2) receiving a Certificate attesting to your registered status.  The Certificate (usually issued within two weeks) is subject to a successful maintenance of your status.  Certificates are valid for a period of three years, subject to Surveillance Audits.

Registration Maintenance
After you receive registration, we provide maintenance services as your program needs change and your system is revised to reflect the changes.  Maintenance services also provide continuously updated listing in the registrar's directory.

Surveillance audits are provided once or twice every year (depending on the size of your company and the applicable standard) during the three-year period of registration.  The purpose is to verify continued compliance with applicable portions of the standard to which you are registered.  Surveillance audits are scheduled in advance.

Our service's provide for management committed to impartiality in these certification activities. We also understand the importance of maintaining impartiality and ensuring the objectivity of our management system certification process.

What We Don't Do

To avoid potential conflict of interest, the registrar does not offer consulting services intended to bring your quality system to conformance to an ISO or related standard.  Nor do we advise you on how to prepare documents, records, or forms as defined in the standards for accredited registrars (see Credentials for further information).

We won't violate your trust.  Any information you supply to us will be kept confidential and secured.  We have confidentiality agreements on file for all employees and independent auditors.  During the assessment scheduling process, the resumes of the assigned auditors are available for review.  Adjustments in auditor assignments will be made for cause, such as employment history with a competitor.

Using Registered Marks

You may use the VERTEX or other registration marks after achieving registration. You must, however, observe the following limitations:

Registration marks must be used in conjunction with your company name, location, certificate number, and applicable standard.

The registration marks may be displayed only on those correspondences, advertising, and promotional materials which are related to goods and services referenced by the certification.

The registration marks shall not be used directly on any products or in a manner that implies that the product itself is certified.

You must immediately cease misuse of the registered marks when notified by the registrar.

Continued misuse is cause for suspension or cancellation of the registration.